Directed by:
Darren Scales

Writing Credits:
Sue Morris – (screenplay)
Darren Scales – (story)

Jonny Black – Captain John Goodwin
Victoria Hopkins – Scarlett
Vin Hawke – Ace
Peter Revel-Walsh – Travis
David Dobson – Geek
Lee Grantina – Astra
Andrew Burn – Reg
Steve Tittensor – Screws
Luke Shahin-Scales – Daniel Goodwin
Robert Francis – Mortimer/Inhabitant
Nigel Brice – Ministry Official
Boris Paul Foot – Inhabitant Chief
Matt Davis – Crewman on Security Camera/Inhabitant
John Christopher Murray – Crewman on Security Camera/Inhabitant
Thomas Webster – Orpheus Captain
Sandra Scales – Angelina Goodwin
Sean Hunt – Orpheus Crewman
Thomas Mann – Orpheus Crewman
Chris Hainstock – Ministry Patrol Officer (Voice)
Dale Bavin – Inhabitant
Stephen Nicholas Briggs – Inhabitant
Martin Cooper – Inhabitant
Charlie Coyle – Inhabitant
Scott Ellis – Inhabitant
A. Anthany Fixter – Inhabitant
Abigail Griffiths – Inhabitant
Maria Hansford – Inhabitant
Alana Holt – Inhabitant
Georgia Tomlinson-Spence – Inhabitant
Maialen Ibero Martinez – Radio Operator (Voice)
Zlati Kalchev – Radio Operator (Voice)
Huai Heo Khor – Radio Operator (Voice)
Kerstin Parker – Radio Operator (Voice)
Sasha Stoker – Radio Operator (Voice)
Anu Thota – Radio Operator (Voice)
Mamatha Thota – Radio Operator (Voice)

Produced by:
Dom Gilvary…executive producer
Phill Hambrook…executive producer
Kevin Harper…executive producer
Ed Hollingsbee…executive producer
Sue Morris…executive producer
Janine Russell…executive producer
Matthew Russell…executive producer
Darren Scales…producer
Mark Scales…executive producer
Sandra Scales…executive producer

Music by:
James Griffiths

Film edited by:
Darren Scales

Make-up Department:
Scott Ellis – Special Effects Make-up Artist
Abigail Griffiths – Make-up Artist
Alison McCabe – Special Effects Make-up Artist
Thomas Webster – Lead Make-up Artist

Second Unit Director or Assistant Director:
Dom Gilvary – First Assistant Director
Sue Morris – Second Assistant Director

Art Department:
Dale Bavin – Set Builder
Jakki Bavin – Set Dresser
Seren Bavin – Set Dresser
Andrew Burn – Lead Set Builder – Cargo- Liner/Props Maker
Jon Carling – Designer: On-Screen Graphics
David Castledine – Props Maker
Phil Cocking – Lead Set Dresser: Deliverance/Props Maker/Set Builder
Martin Cooper – Set Builder
Kayleigh Ellis – Set Dresser
Scott Ellis – Props Maker
Scott Farrow – Set Dresser
Toni Foley – Set Dresser
Boris Paul Foot – Props Manager
Robert Francis – Set Builder
Lee Grantina – Designer: On-Set Graphics
Abigail Griffiths – Set Dresser
Steph Grove – Set Dresser
Phill Hambrook – Lead Set Builder: Deliverance
Kevin Harper – Set Dresser
Ed Hollingsbee – Designer: Deliverance Mission Patch/Set Dresser
Gavin Lawrence – Set Builder
Tom Maher – Set Dresser
Cav Naylor – Props Maker/Set Dresser
Peter Revel-Walsh – Set Builder
William Russell – Set Dresser
Sandra Scales – Lead Set Dresser: Cargo-Liner
Bethan Senior – Set Dresser
Kevin Senior – Props Maker/Set Dresser
Thomas Stringer – Set Dresser
Steve Tittensor – Set Builder
Georgia Tomlinson-Spence – Set Dresser

Sound Department:
Galani Anagnostopoulou – Additional Sound Effects
Chris Anderson – Sound Research Engineer
Jay Curren – ADR
Robert Francis – Boom Operator
Abigail Griffiths – Boom Operator
Michael Hankinson – Boom Operator
Alana Holt – Boom Operator
Matthew James – ADR
Nick Long – ADR
Dan Owen – Boom Operator
Sara Santos – Sound Supervisor
Darren Scales – Sound Designer/Sound Mixer
James Walker – Additional Sound Effects

Special Effects:
Dom Gilvary – Special Effects Supervisor
John Whiteside – Special Effects Supervisor

Visual Effects:
Johan Alfort – Additional Roto/Prep
Tom Anderson – Roto/Prep
Julian Applebee – Supporting 3d Artist
Andres Arosemena Burbano – Lead Compositor/Roto/Prep
Omar Awaad – Texture Artist
Oliver Bates – Additional Compositor
Alex J.Brown – Additional Roto/Prep
Jon Carling – CG Lighting/ Senior VFX Artist/Texture Artist
Peter Coster – Additional Compositor/ Roto/Prep
Robert M. Crampton – Lead 3d Artist/ Texture Artist
David De Leon – Additional Roto/Prep
Edsom De Sa e Silve – Additional Roto/Prep
Alex Degroot – Additional Roto/Prep
Will Dennis – Additional Roto/Prep
Reid Drummond – Additional Roto/Prep (as Andrew Drummond)
Ben Erasin – Additional Roto/Prep
Armando Estanol – Roto/Prep/Supporting 3d Artist
Nicholas Fletcher – Additional Compositor
Igor Gama – Roto/Prep/Supporting Compositor
Matt Gambell – Colourist/Lead Compositor
Taylor Ganser – Additional Roto/Prep
Kristina Georgieve – Supporting 3d Artist
David Gillie – Roto/Prep
Dom Gilvary – Roto/Prep/Supporting Compositor
Aarne Harju – Additional Roto/Prep
Jack Harteveld – Roto/Prep/Supporting Compositor
Simon Jago – Additional Roto/Prep
Michael James – Lead Compositor/ Roto/Prep
Daniel Johnson – Additional Roto/Prep
Chris Knight – cg Lighting/Lead 3d Artist/ Texture Artist: Deliverance /Texture Artist: Cargo-Liner
Jamie Lee – Additional roto/prep
Nick Long … Roto/prep
Michael Maddock – 3d pre-visual animator / roto/prep
Helen McAvoy – Visual Effects Supervisor
Gary Mellor – Roto/Prep / Supporting Compositor
Ray Mongey – Roto/prep
Lawrence Montague-Gibson – Supporting 3d artist
Julia Nebauer – Lead compositor / roto/prep
Leonardo Paolini – Lead 3d Artist / Texture Artist
Jim Platt – additional roto/prep
Shane Potter – supporting 3d artist
Tom Prentice – roto/prep
Catherine Preston – additional roto/prep
Javier Pérez Rubio – additional roto/prep
Aran Quillinan – additional roto/prep
Christopher F. Ramirez – lead 3d artist / texture artist
David Rohan – lead 3d artist / texture artist
William Russell – additional roto/prep
Daniel Saldivar – additional compositor
Darren Scales – 3d designer: Deliverance / visual effects supervisor
Mark Scales – additional roto/prep
Luke Shahin-Scales – designer: Deliverance
Nick Sketcher – additional roto/prep
Jerome Smith – roto/prep / supporting compositor
Richard Smith – additional roto/prep
Susan Sparling – roto/prep / supporting compositor
James Spencer – roto/prep / supporting compositor
Steven Starar … additional roto/prep
Nick Tachynsky – lead 3d artist / roto/prep / texture artist
James Thompson – additional roto/prep
Russell Thornham – roto/prep / supporting compositor
Harris Tomlinson-Spence – additional roto/prep
Jason Tranetzki – additional roto/prep
James Twyman – additional roto/prep
Dan Watts – additional roto/prep
Morgan Wellden – 3d designer: cargo-liner / 3d modeller: Deliverance / 3d modeller: cargo-liner

James Pavey – Stunt performer
Rob Pavey – Stunt performer

Camera & Electrical Department:
Simon Burgess – electrician
Robert Cook – director of photography: third unit
Barry Cookson – lighting assistant
Charlie Coyle – technical assistant
Nigel Doylerush – camera operator / technical supervisor
Billy Gill – camera operator
Gary Greenwood – documentary videographer
Abigail Griffiths – camera operator
Michael Hankinson – camera operator
Kevin Harper – documentary videographer
Daniel Herrick – production photographer
Alana Holt – camera operator
Sean Hunt – camera operator
Nick Loven – b-roll
Thomas Mann – director of photography: second unit / lighting manager
Jenni McKenna – technical assistant
Shaun Moulds – production photographer
Dan Owen – lighting assistant
Matthew Russell – director of photography: first unit
Sarah Russell – documentary videographer
Sara Santos – technical supervisor
Darren Scales – camera operator: first unit
Susan Sparling – camera operator / chroma key lighting
John Whiteside – gaffer / lighting manager

Costume & Wardrobe Department:
Jakki Bavin – wardrobe assistant
Boris Paul Foot – wardrobe manager
Simon Rhodes – wardrobe assistant
Georgia Tomlinson-Spence – wardrobe assistant

Music Department:
James Griffiths – score producer
Darren Scales – score producer

Other Crew:
Lesley Griffiths – crew support
Kevin Harper – crew support
Sue Morris – script supervisor
John Christopher Murray – quadcopter controller
Caroline Russell – crew support
Janine Russell – crew support
Matthew Russell – production coordinator
Sarah Russell – crew support / production assistant
Sandra Scales – catering supervisor

Sid McGill – special thanks

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